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Modulation of molecular and material properties by light poses a field of study with high potential. This applies to basic and applied research alike. I offer the entire spectrum of photochemical consulting and development services and support you in realizing your ideas.

LED-MikroskopeinsätzeThe use of high-power LEDs allows the development of individually designed light sources serving a variety of applications. This site offers you information about me as a person as well as about the solutions I offer.

November 2014

On the move: Changed contact information

Sahlmann Photochemical Solutions moved to a new adress. Please use my new contact data. My new adress: Mozartweg 4, 23795 Bad Segeberg, Germany. My new phone number is +49 (0)4551 8919956 our you use my mobile +49 (0)176 99273133.
fax: +49 (0)4551 8918990

August 2014

Let there be LED: unizeit reports about Sahlmann Photochemical Solutions

unizeit, a publication of Kieler Nachrichten in cooperation with Kiel University, recently reported about my start-up.

Unizeit (Kieler Nachrichten) show