Dr. Benjamin Sahlmann

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Sahlmann Photochemical Solutions - that is the name of my business. My name is Dr. Benjamin Sahlmann and this page is to inform you about my career path.

Benjamin SahlmannI was born in 1984 in Bad Oldesloe at the heart of Schleswig-Holstein. Following my final secondary-school examinations and military service, I graduated in chemistry at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel.

Post-graduate studies

In the course of writing my PhD thesis in the research group of Prof. Dr. Rainer Herges at the Otto-Diels-Institut für Organische Chemie (Institute for Organic Chemistry), the Collaborative Research Center 677 Function by Switching was established. This constituted the context for my research topic. Light was to be used as an energy source for many systems, notwithstanding the fact that the light sources available at the market held disadvantages or had to be adjusted laboriously. Using LEDs as light sources often solved these problems. Thus I was able to assist many colleagues with a personally developed solution during my post-graduate studies. In this period the wish to become a freelance chemist, accordingly participating in research and development projects independently, matured.

Business Set Up

As a logical consequence, I pursued the set up of an own business after obtaining my PhD. Alongside the participation in the Ideenwettbewerb des Landes Schleswig-Holstein 2012 (business concept competition of the state Schleswig-Holstein), where I entered the finale, I achieved an Exist Business Start-Up Grant. Since May 2013 I offer my clients expertise and solutions to all photochemistry related issues.