UV radiation at wavelengths below 365 nm

Numerous photochemical applications require UV radiation at wavelengths below 365 nm. At this range, LED technology used to be inferior to classic UV sources (predominantly mercury vapour lamps) as such LEDs were either unavailable or emitting an extremely low output.

Subsequent to the development of new semi-conducting materials, LEDs have caught up considerably. Today there are a number of specialised deep-UV LEDs at wavelengths between 250-365 nm, offering output around 10-50 mW. Where necessary, these can be bundled and used in preparative scale irradiation effectively.

My Offer

As these LEDs are not originally intended for use in photochemical applications in research and development, commercial availability and acquisition of such light sources is not a straightforward matter.

I am offering custom-made modular solutions and simple plug-and-play light sources. If necessary to meet the required criteria, light sources can also be imported in small quantities from the US.

Years of experience allow me to access a grown network of suppliers so that the ideal LED type can be chosen from a wide range.


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