Light-Induced release of APIs

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Light induced active ingredient release has been established as a trend in pharmaceutical research over the past years. Active pharmaceutical ingredients (api) are equipped with a photosensitive protective compound that is removed at the desired place of action to release the active compound at a high concentration. This promising technology is of interest in cancer research for example, where severe side effects of high active ingredient concentration in chemotherapy can be avoided or attenuated, as the active ingredient is released only in the tumor even though it is administered systemically. This can be achieved by irradiation of the tumor with light at the wavelength required to release the active pharmaceutical ingredient.

My offer

In the development, study and characterisation of these substances, specific light sources are required that factor in sample format and experiment design. Furthermore, they need to allow for reproducable results in kinetics experiments. Amongst other possibilities I offer a special exposure setup for well plates. This comprises a mounting frame that allows for reproducable positioning of the LED module on the plate. Different arrangements of LEDs are possible, so that e.g. 96 well plates can be irradiated at one LED per well in a targeted manner.

Of course the module is suited to the used plate format and manufacturer as there are slight variations in the position and size of the wells. A multitude of wavelengths and output classes is possible

lichtinduzierte Wirkstofffreisetzung



Furthermore, a control unit that operates the exposure process was designed for these experiments: after presetting the desired exposure time and output (between 0 and 100%), exposure starts at the push of a button and ends automatically when the set time has expired.

Of course this setup can be used in many other experiments in which samples are at hand in well plates or similar sample formats. I am looking forward to hearing about your project.

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